Enterprise Content Management System

Best-of-Class Online Fundraising Featuring Responsive Donor Dashboards & Crowdfunding Applications

Fully Scalable Workflow Management Tools Designed to Power Recruiting, On-Boarding, Appointment and other Unique Workflows Common Amongst Christian Non-Profits

Powerful CRM With Customizable Mobile-Responsive Dashboards

Best-of-Class Online Fundraising

The average Site Stacker client sees a 50% increase in online giving in the first year. This is because giving opportunities are presented in a clear and engaging way on laptops, tablets and mobile phones. This leads to steep increases in the number of transactions and average amount per transaction. Shopping cart abandonment rates have dropped significantly for every Site Stacker client, without exception. When you see the fast and easy user interface that allows donors to complete giving in a single click–you'll understand why. And don't forget, instant access to historical giving information. We deliver tools to you that allow you to intelligently take control of your online fundraising efforts.

Lower Shopping Cart Abandonment

Poor website experiences cause donors to leave and take their money with them. We have the solution.

Integrate With Any CRM

No need to worry about data silos. We’ve integrated to many of the industry’s most widely used CRM systems.

Provide Robust Donor Dashboards

Empower your donors to manage their giving. Make them happy constituents and bring relief to your support staff at the same time.

Enterprise Content Management System

WMtek™ specializes in creating beatiful websites with Site Stacker™. 

Our unique approach to design and communication is a powerful combination when matched with your beautiful message and Site Stacker's world-class Content Management System. It's time to say goodbye to animated clipart and dorm room freeware. Let us show you how Site Stacker's enterprise CMS can power your web-based marketing for years to come.
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Scalable Workflow Management Tools

The largest, faith-based nonprofits in the world trust us to help them recruit online. Site Stacker offers powerful mobile-responsive dashboards for managing your complete recruitment and appointment process. Our cutting edge workflow management system will allow you to quickly automate even the most complex processes making them paperless and seamless. The results are clear: more workers getting to the field faster and staying there longer.

Beautiful User Interfaces

Our state of the art, responsive interface will allow your applicants and staff members to login from anywhere in the world–putting the entire on-boarding process at their fingertips.

Customize Your Workflows

No technology company has more experience with online recruitment and on-boarding in the world of faith based non-profits. Your recruitment process is complex and most tech solutions can’t handle it. Site Stacker’s Motion 2.0 can handle your unique workflows in beautiful ways.

Sucessfull & Secure Handoff

Sending an applicant to the next phase during the recruiting process can get messy. We make the handoff clean and easy by keeping the important data secure and only accessible by the right people at the right times.

Powerful CRM with Mobile Responsive Dashboards

Real Data. Real People.

It won't be long until your Site Stacker website is brimming with data. That data represents very real people who are ready to match your passion. They are ready to pray, give and go but may need a little direction along the way. Do you know who they are?

Site Stacker is the new CRM for mission. It's not just about scheduling meetings or managing contacts. It's about interfacing with very real people around their passion and desire. It's about managing complex workflows that include gifts, email communications, document sharing and references. To accomplish your mission you need full insight into a constituent's engagement, from the very first touch to the last day on the field. Imagine the amount of data collected for just one person from the time they start as a prayer partner, become a donor, move into crowdfunding, apply to go, prepare to go and then manage their own donors and tell stories of what God is doing while on the field. To find out more about Site Stacker's unique approach to data management from personalized, role-based, mobile-responsive dashboards, set up a demo today.
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